FAP turbo is a simple forex software to use:

Fap turbo automatically locates and executes forex trades for you. When I first read about fapturbo my skepticism meter was on high alert and I knew I had to do some more research to verify whether these claims about Fap Turbo were true.

Note — this is my FAP Turbo review.

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I did have some investing experience. In the late 1990′s had participated in and profited from the great boom in tech stocks. These internet darlings like Yahoo and Amazon were skyrocketing with little or no earnings.

So I thought I’d be smart and partner with 1 of my cousins. We needed seed money so we hit up our grandad for a loan to trade in stock options. We lost the whole $20,000.

My grandfather has never said anything angry but I know he seeths about it internally. So anytime I look at a potential investment the pain of this experience boils to the surface and I have to insure the product, fap turbo software or other system is low enough  risk to justify the potential gains.

So I took a look at this FAP Turbo tutorial video:

FAP Turbo -Watch How It Performs inThis Live Demo

Fap Turbo video screen demo showing

Obviously, it’s a good sales video and got me excited about fap turbo’s possibilities. But still I wanted more proof.

The video made it all seem very easy. The Fapturbo setup was quite simple even for me a guy like me who’s basically a tech dummy.

I speak english not computer code. So I was glad when the installer pulled up and the installation was smooth point and click.

Once I started Fap Turbo running I was wary of letting it loose too soon or with too much risk. So I started it out slow and with low default risk settings. I don’t know how your investing experiences have gone but if you’ve ever lost money you know how much it hurts. Spending your money on cool toys at least provides some pleasure but losing it in the market provides none.

The part about Fap Turbo software which caught my eye is that it’s based on cold hard math. The biggest reason for heavy losses in the market is because of human emotion. No matter what you do you can’t separate emotion from your trading.


Fap Turbo expert advisor software. The software opens and closes the trades based on math and the default settings. This removes the human emotion element which so often gets in the way.

After looking around I found these results:

A FAP Turbo robot test model shows a 100% profit in 30 days, which means it should then generate 80% or greater profit in real life usage.

In talking with some colleagues and seeing my own results it does about 2%- 50% returns monthly. Those are realistic and for me very acceptable monthly returns.

I recommend you give FapTurbo a test run with a small amount of money like $200 – $500. See what results you get with Fap Turbo and then determine how you want to adjust your default settings and proceed from there.

Fap Turbo Review of Software From user Steve

Fap Turbo Review by Steve

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